Nozzle set, 4 pieces

4 pieces Nozzle set for Arnica Bora 4000, consisting of: .: Crevice nozzle .: Cushion nozzle .: Furniture nozzle .: Holder for telescope tube

£9.50 *

Cover for the HEPA filter

Replacement cover for the HEPA filter of Arnica Bora 4000.

£9.90 *

Water container lid

Replacement lid for the water container of Arnica Bora 4000.

£10.90 *

HEPA filter

Original spare part for Arnica Bora 4000. The HEPA filter (washable) prevents dust and odours from escaping into your freshly washed air space. About 99,9% of dust particles and allergens are trapped by the HEPA filter. The HEPA simultaneously protects against...

£14.90 *

Combination nozzle - hard floor / carpet

Combination nozzle for hard floors like tile, hardwood, laminate and carpet for Arnica Bora 4000.

£18.50 *

Water tank / basin

Water tank / basin (without lid) for Arnica Bora 4000.

£18.50 *