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Product information "Arnica Bora 4000 - PET EDITION"

This Edition is especially for you if you have Pets in your household. So we'd like to offer here:

  • 1 Hand turbo brush for pet hair, upholstery, mattresses and car
  • 1 additinal HEPA filter
  • 1 Antibacterial scent - Aloe Vera

together with our Arnica Bora 4000 vacuum cleaner:

Environmentally friendly and dust’s worst enemy!

Arnica vacuum cleaner with water filter - ideal for allergy sufferers and households with children and pets! Solves animal hair problems immediately!

Sold over 350,000 cleaners in Europe so far!

Arnica Bora 4000

Bora is the new generation vacuum cleaner. It is easy and simple to clean and is very easy and simple to use. See and smell the difference!

Bora is the most practical water filter vacuum cleaner on the world market!

Bora is a sensation in the cleaning world because of its ease of use. Super easy thanks to two large wheels and two swivel casters. It is highly manoeuvrable (360°). It is funky and fun and belongs in every household. Bora can be used by all members. YOUNG and OLD may even get the kids volunteering to vacuum!

More than 50,000 cleaners sold in three months worldwide.

Arnica Bora is not the first vacuum cleaner with water filter on the market but probably one of the best. We took the original idea and worked on it in our laboratories. We came out with a new generation vacuum cleaner of the highest standards and yet completely affordable.

Important: We have years of experience in the production of vacuum cleaners and are one of the largest manufactures in Europe.

Unique Design!

Arnica Bora is a visual feast for the eye. Its´ funky design puts it into a different design leaque to that of conventional "industrial-design equipment".

No risk 3 year warranty with service point near Chester!

We are so confident about the quality and performance of the vacuum cleaner that we give a guarantee of 3 years. In general we have a 48-hour service quarantee.

Arnica Bora is a product of superior quality, easy to use, and has the necessary high suction.

Bora is a vacuum cleaner with no loss of suction and has max 2400 W.

Arnica Bora sucks without steam and moisture. Arnica Bora uses natural force and binds the dust in the water. A washable HEPA filter also prevents dust and odour pollution. A must for allergy sufferers.

 Important: Bora sucks without steam and moisture.

Arnica Bora uses the natural cleaning power of water and binds the dust in the water. A washable HEPA filter also prevents dust and odours from escaping into your freshly washed air space.

About 99,9% of dust particles and allergens are trapped by the HEPA filter.

The dust filled air is passed through the water filter and all dirt is retained securely in its swirling waters. A double function of Bora is its DWS patented air washing system which simulates rainfall and washes all air passing through it. Dust, dirt, pollutants and allergens are bound securely in the water and can no longer escape. Allergy and asthma sufferers can breathe again.

Important: Only about 1.2 litres of tap water and a specially developed new DWS-filtration system with HEPA filter do the job without a dust bag.

Wet dust cannot fly!

The main filtering is performed in a water filter, the HEPA filter retains the remaining particles and simultaneously protects against pollen, dust mites, spores and fungi.

You no longer have the expense of vacuum cleaner bags!

After vacuuming simply drain the tank. The visible dirt broth can be simply tipped into the sink or toilet. You will not believe what is in that water.

If you accidentally suck up valuables items (rings, keys, coins, etc) ... don´t panic. You can easily easily pick these out of the water basin. If this happened with a standard vacuum cleaner with filter bags, this task would be disgusting and a health hazard. Not the case with Arnica Bora.

The ideal cleaner for allergy sufferers!

Arnica Bora customers are satisfied customers and let people know it.
Bora owners and allergy sufferers are happy to recommend our Vacuum cleaners to their friends and fellow allergy sufferers.

Bora the air cleaner.

Bora does away with embarrassing pet odours. The included air cleaning system is an affordable solution to the downside of being a pet owner.

Unlike in a vacuum-bag the animal hair is not retained in your cleaner and therefore can’t smell bad. Moreover Bora cleans the air while vacuuming. 

 The included Turbo nozzle is ideal for vacuuming pet hair!

The supplied turbo nozzle beats combs and vacuums.
The Bora room cleaning system is also perfect for thoroughly cleaning your mattresses for a clean odour free bed.

Bora absorbs liquids as well as dry and wet dirt.

Bora has a 3 year Guarantee! TUV, GS and CE certified.

Bora is manufactured in Europe. Service address in Chester.

Scope of Delivery:

• Appliance with dirt container (tank / water basin)
• Flexible suction-hose
• Chrome telescopic tube (height adjustable)
• Turbo attachment (Carpet Beater Brush)
• Attachment for smooth surfaces and carpets
• Small cleaning brush
• Round cleaning brush
• Corner cleaning brush
• HEPA filter (washable)

Technical Specification:

• Power, watts max. 2400
• Cable length, m: 6
• Weight: 8 kg
• Dimensions, cm: 44x59x34
• Voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz

Bora is easy and fun to use. See for yourself in the video!


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